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Activity 2 & 3 [Nov. 15th, 2007|03:25 pm]
[mood |working]

If anyone wants me to put these under a cut just say so.

ninamori_san 's Activity # 2 card. VERY PRETTY! I love the faces.

frutos_  Activity # 2  & 3Very adorable. :D I like how you combined them and the Siamese stamp is wonderful (I've become somewhat of a stamp addict lately)

Nina's #3 card. I think she is creepy looking too. Mainly because of her eyes...or lack of them.
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postcards recieved [Nov. 6th, 2007|09:32 pm]

i just got cayleigh's activity #2 in the mail. she also sent me a halloween card for activity #3!



thank you~~ i know i said i would mail mine over the weekend but i haven't made them yet T___T BUT i've already finished a postcard for cayleigh so that will be in the mail tomorrow and hopefully i will get activity#2 finished!
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Activity [Oct. 29th, 2007|10:34 pm]
Hey. I have been swamped the past two weeks with work and school (tests are fun!)
Anyhoo, wanted to update on my situation for Activities 2 and 3.

I have everyone's card made for Activity 3, the Halloween postcard swap.

I have Alea's card for Activity #2 done and it is in the mail on Tuesday. I expect to have the rest in the mail by Saturday at the latest.
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first postcard! [Oct. 3rd, 2007|03:14 am]

[mood |giddygiddy]
[music |what am i to you - norah jones]

i just got a beautiful postie from ninamori_san!

Thanks! expect one coming your way...plus some random cards to other members too.
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Join My Forum Please?!(: [Oct. 9th, 2007|06:56 am]

Join my forum for pen palling,swaps, chat and much more!!! (:


hope to see you there



(mods feel free to delete if this is not allowed)

*X Posted Many Times ... sorry to those in muliple pen pal communities*
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postcards received, Activity 2, Activity 3 [Oct. 7th, 2007|09:09 pm]

DONT HATE ME! =( i know i havent been posting up the postcards i received...but here's a bunch of them that i have received over the last couple of months.


Only 3 members have signed up for the activity. =( so we'll only have one group. i'll be emailing you guys shortly regarding the details. so please check ur emails soon.


Anyone interested in exchanging Halloween themed postcards pls sign up here as well. You have until the end of next week do to so. Again, once i have enough people, i will split you guys into groups!
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(no subject) [Oct. 1st, 2007|01:08 am]


Hey all, I've been very slack in scanning these postcards in! I'm sorry! Life has just been on fast forward and super hectic! Anyway. Here are two cards from the last activity! <3 These were from the lyrics activity. I have been so naughty I know. I've gotten so behind with my mailing duties! SAD! But, I will get on them ASAP! :D

I love mail.
From kaiwiopele.

From blackvspurple.
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Crafty_cards & Creative Souls [Sep. 26th, 2007|01:57 pm]
[mood |impressedimpressed]

First off I got this AMAZING postcard from ninamori_san last week. I love it. So pretty.

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question. [Sep. 22nd, 2007|12:04 pm]

 anyone has any idea how to make photographs into postcards?
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Time for another Activity! [Sep. 21st, 2007|12:20 pm]


Ok i have an idea....here goes....

How we usually make handmade postcards is usually by collage right? So my idea is this. I will make two teams of 3 people each first. (i'll be in both teams, so there would be 4 people in each team). I dont want the teams to be too big cause then you guys might have to spend more on postage. 

So once the teams are formed, we will all send each member in our team an envelope full of goodies so that he/she can use it to make a postcard. 

Once you receive an envelope of materials, use only those materials to make a postcard (of course u have to use ur own cardboard, or card) and then send it back to the person who gave you the materials. 

I hope i didnt confuse anyone. if you have any questions, leave a comment. 

Once i get 6 people i will divide us into teams. If there are more people who wants to sign up, pls do and i'll form other teams.  

To sign up, just comment and leave your email cause other details will be discussed through email.  
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